Do you recognise the 3 early warning signs that a manager needs help?



  • Managers keep coming to you to solve their people problems
  • Sick absence has gone up
  • You’re always having to smooth ruffled feathers



  • You’ve lost faith in managers
  • You’re frustrated they won’t do it your way
  • They’re not delivering the results you need



  • You’re feeling stressed or just miserable
  • The team just isn’t pulling together
  • Too many niggles and complaints

 We deliver the right intervention for your managers to get results; it might be coaching or training or facilitation, or even a blend of all three. It will be tailored to your organisation and embed your culture. Unless it’s a change of culture you are after, then we can help with that too.

Personal growth

We challenge, we coax, we tell stories…lots of them ….and we engage. There is sufficient theory but more on the practical, the action. And finally we support them in putting learning into action.


As an ILM accredited centre we tailor ILM leadership and management qualifications to meet your needs all with a measurable impact on the bottom line

…oh and we also deliver an ILM coaching programme if you want your managers to develop coaching skills.

elconsulting is a Cambridge based company, developing management skills for over 20 years. Our tutors and coaches have all held senior management positions with national and global companies.

We work across all sectors, including Higher Education, and at all levels of management, including top leadership teams. Our team of consultants are all experienced senior managers in their own right, many are also executive coaches. elconsulting provides business coaching, through the Growth Accelerator programme, for ambitious high growth companies. We provide them with a focus on strategic HR and building high performing teams.

elconsulting hosts a CEOs’ Forum in Cambridge with over 20 members.

We also have a range of digital learning at; videos and e-learning modules to provide support on how to manage performance and bring out the best in people.

Our Managing Director, Judith Elliott, is the author of “Leadership Scaffolding”, commissioned by the ILM and a regular speaker for the CIPD and the CMI around the country.

Talk to Judith – she’s a good listener. And we’re good value for money.

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What people say about her

“Thanks for changing the way I think about leadership and management. Much will be put to use in my new job.”

CR NHS Cambridgeshire

“I am really impressed with M and great for him he is yielding results. We have noticed a big difference in him over the last year and this leadership course is no doubt helping him grow. Leadership development does make a big difference!”

GH Cummins PowerGen