Why choose elconsulting?

Because we know what every manager ought to know about people management. We have been leading teams and developing managerial skills for more years than we care to mention, so we understand the challenges.

What are the benefits for you if you are…?


In HR?

  • We can help managers prevent problems escalating
  • We can minimise the time they spend in your office
  • Your investment will make the bosses happy

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The boss?

  • You get a management team you’re proud of
  • You will see managers acting differently and thriving
  • Teams are delivering what you ask for

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A manager?

  • Confident and capable
  • Appreciated and assured
  • Energised and focused

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Judith Elliott (our founder) says:

“Yes we are good at tactics and techniques and we have just the right amount of theory at our fingertips. My own background is very commercial, with a well loved national company. I have delivered profit and led huge teams well. It can be done. It’s not rocket science…well at least it isn’t when someone explains it.”


Our customers say:

“Thank you for your course, it was really very good.  I have found myself constantly thinking about the areas we went through during my working day and I have found that I am a lot more confident as a result.”

Georgina, Cambridge Assessment

“You have taught me a lot about true management and I’m excited at the prospect of putting it into practice. I learned a lot, and more about myself which was and will be extremely helpful.”

RW Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

“Thanks for changing the way I think about leadership and management. Much will be put to use in my new job.”

CR NHS Cambridgeshire

“I am now Managing well, thank you! Feeling much more confident still. “Upwards management” also going well!”

JD University of Cambridge

“I am really impressed with M and great for him he is yielding results. We have noticed a big difference in him over the last year and this leadership course is no doubt helping him grow. Leadership development does make a big difference!”

GH Cummins PowerGen

“One of my managers has given me excellent feedback on the Developing Management Talent programme; specifically on how the course forces you to apply what you have learnt.  Judith’s style of delivery and knowledge was also commended.”

DW Cummins PowerGen